Thursday, 24 May 2012


I did my SOI presentation, which all went well after being nervous for the last couple of days, I realised I was panicking over nothing. Debbie and Ruth seemed please with the idea.

I haven’t been able to upload all weekend, Internet kept losing signal and in the end I got to frustrated, and decided best option was to leave and go find some chocolate to eat!
So for the pass week I have been trying very hard to complete my ranges plans, I seem to get them completed then decide I HATE it and start all over again. This is not wise I know, I am very aware of what very little precious time I have left to complete this but I cant help and feel that if it doesn’t look great the content will not be good either. Although I know very well that my Grammar content will be atrocious. Anyway I final completed 4 range plans today, SO HAPPY

Only problem is I still kind of have 2 more to finish and I really need to do them as there for my phase two, which is very important!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hoping tomorrow I complete my Merchandising only really need to get the WISSI done now and get the rest checked over, which will be fine as I have my one on one tutorial with Aideen tomorrow.
I wrote a checklist of things I need to complete, I have been ticking of a lot of things, but then this could be due to me write silly things, like finding out what yellow represents on clothing and find out how much ZARA shirts cost.

Oh GOD I only just realised that is no time at all, better get on with some work.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

OH HELP!!!!!!

For the last couple of weeks I have been working on my FMP, the only problem is I finish one piece and realise its taken me 4 hours and it’s probably only about a 0.1% of my final piece.

So its been a long week and I have managed to start my range plan, I finished it then realised it is not what I wanted it to look like, I am finding it difficult to show all the prints I want to put onto my garments as the images are becoming pixelated = me not very happy at all.
I have had an idea of how to present my final range, but it’s not how it’s normally done and I am having doubts that it’s even a good idea at all.
Basically it’s a portrait document in a sort of A4 binder on one side is the silhouette and on the other side are fabric swatches so, it’s much more of a physical range. 

Things I hope to get completed by the 15th of May
  • Range boards now this is a must, if I do not get these completed by then I will be truly and royally screwed!!!!!!!!!
  • Trend report I have completed but need to do a few adjustments to my spelling and grammar (as usual)
  • Complete all intro, which includes:
  • Concept + Ideas (take inspiration from SOI)
  • Executive summary
  • Heritage and Values

I plan to get this completed, lets see if I can do this though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I did my SOI presentation, which all went well after being nervous for the last couple of days, I realised I was panicking over nothing. Debbie and Ruth seemed please with the idea.
Here are the PowerPoint presentation slides I presented on the 24th April

Monday, 26 March 2012

Fashion Retail Academy

This Blog has been started for me to share my LOVE for trends and my idea concepts for my Final Major Project as College. SO this is kind of like an on going Journal for me. 

Today I have had to consider ideas and concepts I have had wirlying in my mind for weeks now, on just what to do my Final Project on and I have finally come up with the idea, of creating a Sub Brand for Biba, named simply Biba Youth.

This range is for the the kinda girl who is fashion forward with eclectic taste, someone who has self confidence not to wear what everyone else is wearing, she also appreciates fashion without being a slave to it.
Is- fashion forward, chic, unexpected, fashion conscious

Not- fashion follower, ordinary, expected and fashion addicted
Biba youth customer